I’m Gay & Believe #PrideMonth Should Come To An End

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States required all fifty states to recognize same-sex marriage as a legal right, using the fourteenth amendment as the basis for this decision. Despite only gaining popularity in recent years, LGBT pride month started in 1969 to commemorate the Stonewall riots. Prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling, many LGBT advocates claimed marriage equality was the end goal of this event.

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If legalizing same-sex marriage was the goal of LGBT pride, then shouldn’t the movement dissolve after accomplishing its primary objective? I believe so. Social movements that overstay their welcome are often viewed more negatively the longer they persist. For example, first- and second-wave feminists advocated for and achieved equality between the sexes. Historically, feminism fought for and accomplished women’s suffrage, equal pay for equal work, and Title IX. On the contrary, third-wave feminists are struggling to keep the movement afloat and have resorted to making up problems, such as the widely debunked gender wage gap, toxic masculinity, male privilege, rape culture, and mansplaining. According to a 2015 Vox poll, 85% of Americans support gender equality despite only 18% identifying as a feminist.


In recent years, the LGBT movement has become desperate to remain relevant. What more can the community fight for? Gay marriage is legal, and according to the Public Religion Research Institute, over 60% of the American public supports it. In addition, the institute found that a plurality of Americans support transgender individuals being able to use the restroom of their choice. As a result, LGBT activists have already started to take the movement down the same counterproductive path as feminism. It is no longer good enough that same-sex couples are legally allowed to marry; now, the government should force private bakers to bake a wedding cake for same-sex couples, even if the baker believes homosexuality is a sin. In addition, the movement has created the idea of nonbinary genders (which are complete fiction), promoting the idea that gender exists on a spectrum. Anyone who dares to challenge either of these views is deemed a ‘bigot.’

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Instead of portraying the LGBT community as helpless victims, LGBT activists should encourage the community to integrate into mainstream society. LGBT Americans are just as capable of succeeding as heterosexual Americans; perhaps it is time for the LGBT community to check their privilege. Sometimes the only person holding you back is YOU.

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  1. Wishful thinking. When did activism ever end, once its goals were achieved? Why give up the attention, the donations and money from the government?
    Just look at feminism. That used to be about equal rights. Once they had equal rights, the fight continued for equal outcome. And those who adopted the postmodern doctrine started screeching about racism, colonialism, fat acceptance etc.
    Likewise, the gay movement has been hijacked by trans activists, who keep making demands in MY name, claiming things I do not support.

  2. I don’t oppose gay marriage, but I do agree the LGBT community is becoming more and more militant. I think true equality for gays happens in a world where being gay is just like being straight: nothing to bat an eye at! Using your sexual orientation as a huge political platform, and defining your entire person, makes it into something that’s bigger than it ought to be! Straight people don’t have “straight pride parades” or demand victimhood status and special accommodations! Being gay or straight is part of your personality, but it in itself does not define the rest of well rounded, multidimensional people. When being gay is just as commonly seen as being straight is, and is not paraded around and shouted from the podium, then I feel the ultimate victory will have been won 🙂 Making it an us vs. them issue only makes the gay community the odd one out. Many aren’t anti-gay and opposed to gay relationships in themselves, but the strident, militant aspect of gay activism.

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