POLL: Most Democrats Don’t Want to be Friends with Republicans

A recent poll at Dartmouth University asked 498 undergraduate students regarding their views on the political and free speech climate on campus. According to the poll, 82% of Democrat students would be less likely to date someone with opposing political beliefs. However, only 42% of Republican students expressed this view. The poll also asked Dartmouth undergraduate students whether they would be less likely to befriend another student with opposing political beliefs. The survey found that Democrat students (55%) were more likely to endorse this view than Republican students (12%). Additionally, the survey found that Democrat students were more likely than Republican students to not study or work on class projects with students who hold different political opinions.

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What could be the cause of the overwhelming intolerance from Democrats? Identity politics.


Over the past few years, the left has embraced postmodernism, which replaces individualism with collectivism. In collectivist thought, the content of one’s character does not primarily define them. Instead, individuals are defined by their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, and so on. For example, if a collectivist inaccurately attributes racism to the Republican Party, then every Republican is racist. As a result, every Republican is a bad person and unworthy of befriending. This regressive, collectivist mindset is why the left has recently created new terms such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘toxic masculinity.’ Through the lens of social justice, all white Americans have societal privilege over non-white Americans and collectively contribute to their daily oppression.

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What is the most effective method to counteract this new, regressive ideology? Individualism. Treat people as individuals instead of prejudging their life story solely based on their immutable characteristics.


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