Sociology Professor: Eating Meat Promotes Toxic Masculinity

Anne DeLessio-Parson, a Pennsylvania State University Sociology professor, argues that eating meat reinforces a culture where “hegemonic masculinity” is normalized. She gained interest in the topic after being a vegetarian for several years in Argentina.

“Doing vegetarianism in interactions drives social change, contributing to the de-linking of meat from gender hegemony and revealing the resisting and reworking of gender in food spaces,” she writes.

(Fox News)

She told Campus Reform, “Women, one of the ways they push back against patriarchy, they say, ‘This is my body. You don’t get to tell me what comes in and out.’”

She believes that being vegetarian in a meat-based society is a social and political act that fights to dismantle the gender binary and stereotypes.

“Women, for example, assert authority over their diets; men embody rejection of the meat-masculinity nexus by adopting a worldview that also rejects sexism and racism.”

She concludes her argument by stating, “destabilize not just gender, but also other hierarchies, and drive social change… If we can pay more attention to what we put in our bodies…we can create a better sense of peace in the world. Vegetarianism is a part of that.”

Her article was published in the Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography.

She explained her position on Watters’ World, which airs on Fox News.

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  1. I couldn’t even get past the title and first few sentences. I can’t believe someone is actually teaching this nonsense. They’re attacking our diets now! Ugh. Does breathing oxygen near someone else make you a thief now too?

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