Deport the Illegals

Currently, the United States is home to an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants with the southern border states being the most burdened. To help solve this crisis, President Trump has offered to expand DACA, which provides legal status for illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, to 1.8 million dreamers in exchange for $25 billion for a southern border wall, an end to chain migration, and abolishing the diversity lottery system. Despite President Trump’s generous compromise, Democratic leaders in Congress immediately dismissed it. Nancy Pelosi even went so far as to say that the president is trying to ‘make America white again.’

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Despite over-the-top remarks from Democratic lawmakers, merit-based immigration is extremely popular among the American people. According to a Harvard study, 79% of Americans favor merit-based immigration over chain migration, including 85% of black Americans and 72% of Hispanics. In addition, 68% of Americans support abolishing the diversity lottery program and 61% believe current border security is inadequate. For the past several years, over 1 million legal immigrants have entered the United States annually. However, only 7% of Americans support that level of immigration. In fact, 63% of Americans support an annual immigration level of less than 500,000 immigrants.


If merit-based immigration is popular among the American public, why are Congressional Democrats against it? To put it bluntly, Democrats want to import as many low-skilled immigrants as possible to help build a permanent voter majority. The party has simply given up on trying to convince the majority of native-born Americans that socialism works. Therefore, they have resorted to importing low-skilled voters from the third world. Sadly, this strategy appears to be working. In California, where legal and illegal immigrants comprise 27% of the state’s population, Republicans are no longer competitive.

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Contrary to Democratic propaganda, a merit-based immigration would not mostly favor whites. Pew Research found that just over half of all immigrants from south and east Asia (51%) have at least a bachelor’s degree compared to 42% of all European/Canadian immigrants. Among Mexican immigrants, 57% do not have a high school diploma and just 6% have at least a bachelor’s degree. While there should NOT be a race, ethnicity, nor nationality test to become a naturalized American citizen, the United States should only be accepting immigrants who make the country stronger. Since Asian immigrants are, on average, better educated than immigrants from Europe, Latin America, and Africa, a merit-based immigration system would likely have an Asian bias.

According to Pew Research, new Asian immigrants have outnumbered new Hispanic immigrants since the Great Recession.

Another reason to move toward a merit-based immigration system is the high use of welfare among immigrants, both legal and illegal. The Center for Immigration Studies found that 51% of all households headed by immigrants were on some form of government assistance, comparing to just 30% for non-immigrant households. This statistic jumps to 73% for Central American and Mexican immigrants and sinks to just 17% for South Asian immigrants. However, Democratic leaders want to import immigrants who are more likely to use government assistance since those voters are more likely to support them in the voting booth. If Republicans wish to perform well in the midterm elections this year, President Trump cannot cave to Democrats on immigration.


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