Nonbinary YouTuber: Genital Preferences are Discriminatory

According to her Twitter account, Riley Dennis is an intersectional feminist and a queer, trans, nonbinary, polyamorous lesbian who uses she/they pronouns (see definitions at the bottom of the article). She is most commonly known for creating social justice videos on YouTube, but she is also a contributor for Everyday Feminism. Some of her videos include topics like dating “preferences” being discriminatory, Mercator maps being prejudice toward people of color, nonbinary gender identities being valid, misgendering transgender individuals being an act of violence, poor people deserving luxuries with taxpayer money, and biological sex being a social construct.


In Riley’s video about dating preferences, she asserts that not wanting to date a trans, fat, disabled, or black person is discriminatory. Many people took issue with her assertion that ‘being attracted to only one type of genitals’ is transphobic. In reality, being exclusively attracted to only one type of genitalia is likely an evolutionary response to reproduce. However, Riley believes that sexual attraction should be solely based on outward appearance, not what’s in the pants. She speculates that someone would not end a romantic relationship if they found out their partner had different genitalia than what they were expecting.


If you are interested in watching any more of Riley’s videos, you make check out her YouTube channel here.

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Riley later slams the LGBT community for being among the most prominent in upholding genital preferences, making light of gay men being disgusted by vaginas and vise-versa for lesbians and penises. Riley continues by stating that as a transgender woman, she could be attracted to any women, trans or cisgender, with either type of genitalia. She concludes her argument with a contradiction, acknowledging that gay-conversion therapy does not work but people can unlearn their own sexual preferences.

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intersectional feminist: someone who holds the belief that a woman’s overlapping identities, including race, socioeconomic status, religion, and sexual orientation, impact the way they experience oppression and discrimination

queer: an umbrella term used for anyone within the LGBT community

trans/transgender: someone who does not identify with their birth/biological sex

nonbinary: an umbrella term used for anyone who does not identify as either a man or woman

polyamorous: the practice of or desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner

lesbian: a woman who is sexually attracted to other women


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