Debunking Black Lives Matter Myths

Black Lives Matter started as a response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, in 2013. However, the movement did not gain momentum until the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Former President Obama failed to condemn the movement even after investigators concluded that Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown in self-defense. Since then, racial tension has immensely escalated in the United States, one of Obama’s most damaging failures.

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If police officers are specifically targeting unarmed, black civilians, then why, in 2015, were 50% of the victims of police shootings white while only 26% were black? Black Lives Matter activists would argue that black Americans only make up 13% of the country’s population while non-Hispanic white Americans make up 62% of the population; therefore, black Americans are killed disproportionately higher by police officers. However, in 2009, Bureau of Justice statistics indicate that black Americans were charged with 62% of robberies, 57% of murders, and 45% of assaults in the 75 most populated counties in America despite only making up 15% of the population. Therefore, the high rate of violent crime among black Americans explains why they are killed by police officers at a higher rate.


In addition, 12% of all white and Hispanic homicide deaths are attributed to police killings while black homicide deaths only being 4% on this measure. According to a 2015 University of Pennsylvania study, black police officers are 3.3 times more likely to fire a gun than other police officers at a crime scene. Also, black Americans are more likely to kill a police officer than be killed by one. FBI statistics suggest that 40% of all cop killers are black. In fact, a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by someone who is black than a police officer killing an unarmed, black civilian.

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Ironically, Black Lives Matter is actually killing many black Americans. Heather Mac Donald found that since 2014, when cops began to reduce proactive policing, there’s been a 20% increase in the homicide rate. An additional 900 black males were killed in 2015 compared to the previous year, and in 2016, an additional 900 black males were killed. Moving forward, black victimhood should be abolished, and reality should be reinstated. The Democratic Party is simply misleading the black community in exchange for their vote. Sadly, this misinformation comes at the expense of innocent black lives.


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