Yes, I am a Gay Conservative!


The Democratic Party and LGBT movement have failed to recognize that they do not represent every LGBT individual.  I am often asked how a gay American could ever support the Republican Party.  Ironically, I have experienced more hate from the Democratic Party than Evangelical Republicans.  Once many leftists learn that I am a Republican, I suddenly transform from an oppressed homosexual to a privileged white man.  The use of identity politics is harmful and is the basis of current social tension in America.

Despite the Democratic Party priding themselves for being a champion of LGBT rights, it was just a few years ago when the Democratic platform opposed gay marriage.  In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama only supported traditional marriage, but when he realized he was in jeopardy of losing re-election, he coincidentally “evolved” on the issue.  In 2017, Donald Trump, a Republican, became the first incoming president to support gay marriage.  Therefore, it is illogical to conclude that the Democratic Party is the better party for LGBT Americans.  In fact, it appears that the Democratic Party simply panders to the LGBT community in exchange for votes.

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Next, I have found it much easier to convince Evangelical Christians to accept homosexuality than convince Democrats to support reducing tax rates, spending, and regulation on private enterprise.  In terms of taxation, states with lower corporate and income taxes have stronger job growth.  For example, North Carolina reduced corporate and income tax rates and eliminated deductions and other exemptions.  While doing so, the state responsibly cut spending.  As a result, GDP growth was first in the country between 2013 and 2015.  In fact, North Carolina exceeded expectations and took in a $447 million surplus during the 2015 fiscal year.

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Additionally, I believe social engineering is harmful to society.  Social justice forces society to view people as collective groups rather than individuals.  It should also be noted that ‘social justice’ is not the same as ‘social equality.’  Justice involves punishments and rewards; meaning, the social-justice left believes homosexual Americans have experienced so many additional hardships that providing them a job over an equally-qualified heterosexual individual would not even begin to correct for historical and even current discrimination.  This ideology is very toxic and instigates social tension.  The primary objective, as stated earlier, should be to view people as individuals and not assume their best interests solely based on their identity.


Finally, I do not entirely agree with the LGBT movement’s agenda.  For example, I do not believe a private business should be required by the government to serve anyone, including LGBT individuals.  Liberty is a core value of a developed society, and if a society believes that a baker is narrow-minded for not baking a cake for a gay couple, then the baker will be punished by the free market.  In addition, I reject the concept of non-binary genders.  Gender identity is simply the social identification of biological sex.  Since there are only two sexes, there are likewise only two genders.  It should be noted that intersex is a birth defect, not a third sex, and it affects about 1 out of every 2000 people (0.05%).  Some intersex individuals may have a micropenis, and others may have an oversized clitoris.  Therefore, many intersex individuals strongly lean toward one of the two binary sexes.

In the future, I would enjoy a presidential campaign where the Democratic Party is forced to compete for the LGBT+ vote.  However, similar to what the Democratic Party has done to the black community, they will likely continue to overstate the extent of homophobia in America for political gain.


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  1. While not a proponent of cis/trans/etc., I must add that intersex is NOT a birth defect.
    Before institutionalized (corrupted) medicine, and religions, such people were considered shamans, or at very least an ‘other’ and given a different role in whatever applicable culture’s society.

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